Below Grade Waterproof Tanking

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Below Grade Waterproof Tanking

Full System

PREPRUFE Plus and BITUTHENE membranes are designed to give you the ultimate below grade waterproofing system for your project.

From residential to large scale commercial projects, PREPRUFE Plus and BITUTHENE have proven to be the most reliable solution for any project.

Pre-Applied: Below Slab Horizontal

High performance, durable, below grade waterproofing.

The immense hydrostatic pressure outside structures puts foundations at high risk of water infiltration.  In addition, many projects are suseptible to corrosion and dangerous fumes from contiminated soil.

PREPRUFE Plus Waterproofing Membranes provide a high performance barrier against water and moisture, aggressive soils, as well as hazardous gases such as radon and methane.

GCP Applied Technologies are the pioneers in this market with PREPRUFE Membrane Waterproofing Systems, the first ever bonded, pre-applied waterproofing membrane.  Since its introduction, GCP Applied Technologies has continued to refine this unique and innovative technology.  Building on a 25 year track record of success, the PREPRUFE Plus Waterproofing Membrane system delivers unparallelled performance and ease of installation.

Pre-Applied: Walls

With the PREPRUFE Plus Waterproofing Membrane, structures can be protected throughout their lifetime.  Made of a patented HDPE geomembrane, PREPRUFE Plus Waterproofing Membranes form an intimate bond with poured concrete, helping to prevent costly damage from floods, mold, mildew and gas fumes.

PREPRUFE Plus Waterproofing Membranes also stand up to dirt, foot traffic and UV exposure, preventing damage before the concrete is poured.

Post Applied: Vertical

Basement walls, tunnels, metro stations and infrastructure projects.

BITUTHENE 3000 developed by GCP Technologies is suitable for eachof these applications and more. 

BITUTHENE 3000 waterproofing system is the most trusted post-applied waterproofing membrane.  Its effectiveness has been proven time and again in countless projects.

Long lasting, versatile and easy to install, BITUTHENE 3000 gets the job done.

Supadeck BG

Supadeck BG is a polyurethane waterproofing system which displays excellent elongation and flexibility.

For use in non habital space situations such as retaining walls.




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BRANZ 805 Preprufe & Bituthene Bituthene 3000 Preprufe 160R Plus Preprufe 300R Plus

Application Checklists: Quality Control Forms

Installation Quality Control Sheet - Tanking/Waterproofing Substrate Requirements - Below Ground Tanking

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Below Ground Waterproofing Preprufe Plus for Tanking Waterproof_Tanking

Bituthene System

BIT-002 - Foundation Wall Floor Slab at Footing Level BIT-002A - Foundation Wall - Floor Slab at Footing Level with DPC BIT-003 - Foundation Wall BIT-004 - Foundation Wall Floor Slab at Footing Level Option 4 BIT-006 - Foundation Wall Elevated Slab Option 2 BIT-008 - Foundation Wall Structural Slab Option 2 BIT-012 - Plaza Deck to Wall Tie In BIT-014 - Tie Into Plaza Deck Waterproofing BIT-016 - Penetration BIT-019 - Plaza Deck - Deck to Wall Inside Corner BIT-022 - Passive Joint Cover BIT-025 - Expansion Joint Cover Deck to Wall Junction BIT-026 - Drain BIT-030 - Bituthene 3000 Lap Onto DPC BIT-031 - Top Edge Termination

Preprufe System

PRE-009A - Blindside Wall to Slab Tie In Option A PRE-031 - End Lap Detail For Wall or Slab Option 2 PRE-032 - End Lap Detail for Wall or Slab PRE-033 - Inside Corner PRE-034 - Pipe Penetration Wall or Slab PRE-035 - Straight Edge Penetration PRE-036 - Outside Corner PRE-037 - Column Option 1 PRE-038 - Column Option 2 PRE-039 - Wall Termination for Elevated Slabs PRE-040 - Wall Termination to Bituthene PRE-042 - Construction Joint PRE-043 - Grade Beam Pile Cap Option 1 PRE-044 - Grade Beam Pile Cap Option 2 PRE-045 - Tie Into Bituthene Wall Waterproofing PRE-048 - Top Termination and End Lap PRE-049 - Rebar Dowel & All Thread Penetrations PRE-059 - Side Lap PRE-060 - Temporary Protection during Construction Sequencing PRE-061 - Bituthene Tie-In Elevated SlabPRE-070 - Lift Pit