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Manufacturing, Distribution & Warehousing

Covered Warehousing

Trafficable, dust free, quick to instlal and cost effective are usually the consideraitons for large covered warehouse operations.  What should also be considered is the smooth running and maintenanc eof fork trucks and they rely on the surface finish of the applied coating to reduce maintenance and to increase movement efficiencies.

Coloured or clear, line marked or open - allnex coating options are a great solution for what can be large areas of vitally important end of line production facilities.

"What leaves the warehouse is next seen by your customer"


External Warehousing/Loading Docks

A well designed loading bay can have significant benefits for the smooth running of these busy traffic ways.  Loading bays ought to possess a durable anti-slip surface texture, coloured with distinctive markings for good traffic management and be able to withstand the anticipated harsh working conditions along with the external weathering environment.



If you need your floor to help create a better work environment using colour, signage and symbols is a great way to achieve this.

allnex has a suite of solutions that can be taylor made to suit every manufacturing facility process and need.

High build solvent free epoxy coatings through to high impact and chemical resistant toppings, allnex has an answer that will enhance any manufacturing facility.


Technical Information

Clear Sealers




Decorative Multi Layer Coating


Prefill Screed




Self Smoothing




Polyurethane Cement




Vinyl Ester




No Odour Zero VOC Polyester


Resurfacing Existing Floor Toppings


Control Joints




Quality Control Forms

Quality Control Sheet - Resin Flooring Systems - QC Form 1 - MasterQuality Control Sheet - Resin Flooring Systems - QC Form 2Quality Control Sheet - Resin Flooring Systems - Daily Mix Control - Resin QC Form: QC3

Brochures for direct download

Industrial Resin Flooring Christchurch Public Chambers – Heritage Building Entrance Case Study - Kitchen Sureshield Case Study - Manufacturing Surecote System 200 Case Study - Terraflake Case Study - Traxite Case Study - Brewery Sureshield Case Study - Food Process Nuthane


Certification - Sureshield Biol Resistance Certification - ISO 14644 CSM Sureshield Chem Resistance Certification - ISO 14644 CSM Sureshield Microbicidity Certification - ISO 14644 CSM Sureshield Outgassing VOC Certificate - Surecote System 500 Certificate - Architectural Terrazzite ZV - APAS Certificate - Nuthane SB Polyurethane Certificate - Surecote System 200 Certification - HACCP

Selection Charts

Terraflake Colour Chart Colour Chart - Traxite Colour Chart - BS5252 Colour Chart - AS2700

Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletin - Aggregate Sizes & Comparisons Technical Bulletin - Chemical Emissions from Styrene Based Resin Flooring Technical Bulletin - Cleaning and Maintenance Technical Bulletin - Concrete Surface Preparation Technical Bulletin - Coves & Resin Flooring Technical Bulletin - Environmental Statement Technical Bulletin - Epoxy Concrete Repair Options Technical Bulletin - Exterior Resin Application Technical Bulletin - Freezer Application Notes Technical Bulletin - Impact Effects on Floor Toppings Technical Bulletin - Inhibiting Mould Growth in Floors Technical Bulletin - Joint and Floor Repairs Technical Bulletin - Joint Sealant Calculator Technical Bulletin - Jointing Material Estimate Usage Chart Technical Bulletin - Resin Floor Troubleshooting Technical Bulletin - Resin Floors vs Tiles Technical Bulletin - STZ Prefill Technical Bulletin - Substrate Control Joints Technical Bulletin - Wet Uncured Concrete Typical Resin Flooring Product Details Technical Bulletin - Mixing of Aerosil with Resin